TOUR SAMPLE 1:  Integrated Story Map and 360 GO TOUR 

Museum of the Palestinian People, Washington, DC

Includes artwork animations digitally “hanging” on walls from a 3D model of the building at 1900 18TH St., NW, Washington, DC


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TOUR SAMPLE 2:  Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center 360 GO TOUR 

Government of Oman, Washington, DC

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TOUR SAMPLE 3:  3D model of Galen Museum with narration an Digitally-placed artwork

artists council, Palm Springs, California

Includes background music, “Play” button for usability.

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TOUR SAMPLE 4:  360 GO TOUR (Gallery)

3D Virtual tour of imaginary gallery, the city of Rancho Mirage, CA

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TOUR SAMPLE 5:  360 GO TOUR (Listing)

Deepwell Estates: Permanent DOWNLOADABLE TOUR

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TOUR SAMPLE 6:  360 Go Tour, Julianna Poldi Gallery, Palm Springs, CA



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