The global pandemic has made it impossible for most live performances or rehearsals.  Virtual choir videos allow you to share your message in a beautiful, permanent format that can increase visibility, news coverage, and has the potential to increase fundraising and answer the question:  how are you responding to the barriers created by quarantines and restrictions?

Benzek Design combines individual mobile phone performances of your members to safely create powerful, engaging, and inspiring visual and musical works.  Share your organization’s talents and love of music with your members, supporters, donors, and a potential new worldwide audience.

In The News: How It’s Made


Benzek Design will provide you instructions and online resources to create and submit performance recordings. We will then mix the audio and create an engaging visual tailored to your performance objectives. 

Performers will listen to guide tracks (that you prepare with our help) using an earphone as they record their performances on their mobile phones.  Videos are uploaded to DropBox, reviewed by the conductor/artistic director, and then released for editing and mixing.  A basic, professional video (like “River of Dreams” on right) takes 1 to 2 weeks while an elaborate video in an immersive 3D environment (like the “Vogue” video above or “Ella’s Song” below)  takes 3 to 4 weeks (exact times depend on workload).


A basic professional virtual chorus video such as “River of Dreams” costs $250 plus $40 per performer.

An elaborate production like “Vogue” would cost more because of fees for background removal and/or inclusion of dancers as well as royalty fees (if any) for stage backgrounds and stock footage and extra editing/animation.  Use the form below to learn more.



Provide any detail about your ideas, song/piece choices, number of performers, timeframe, basic or elaborate?